A Mystery

* Life works its magic underground. All the trials, all the pain, all the misery; the fights, and the tribulations happen for a reason. Perhaps. It is possible. Of course, we can’t be sure of it. We can’t be sure of anything. Still, it looks like something, or someone, deals us a hand. We have… Continue reading A Mystery

Storm, Poem

* Quiet Deathly quiet. Not a leaf stirs. A bird scolds as it flies. Dust rises for no reason. The milky sky darkens, Brown and yellow colours swirl as clouds draw up beyond the horizon. A single drop hits the pavement. The air is still. Waiting. Far away rumbling drifts and dies. Silence. Oppressive calm… Continue reading Storm, Poem

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What Will Happen Next?

* First came the pandemic and now Ukraine is at war against invading Russians. It hurts to think about it, but such thoughts are also unavoidable. It is bad enough that we have a rampant maniac sitting in Kremlin, ordering Russia’s military to invade an independent country, but that isn’t all. These last years have… Continue reading What Will Happen Next?

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