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Lally Brown, The Countess, Napoleon, and St Helena Fact and Fiction Mixed with Memoirs ‘The Countess, Napoleon, and St Helena’ is a strong minestrone. This kind of soup is a good opportunity to get rid of scraps and it can make a delicious dish. The question is if it works in literature. Honestly, I’m not… Continue reading More Reviews

My First Reviews 2022

Val Penny, The First Cut (Jane Renwick Series) A Case Hanging on the Perpetrator’s DNA Jane Renwick, born Smith, carries a troubling childhood with her but has pulled herself out of trouble and achieved a good life. She’s found friends and colleagues, including her wife Rachel Anderson, at her job as DC in Glasgow and… Continue reading My First Reviews 2022

My Last Reviews of 2021

Debi Ennis Binder, Summerbird Rises Fairy-Tale with Bold and Strange Creatures Summerbird Asii lives in a village where magic is banned, and it is dangerous to know herb lore. Castle and village guards scour the streets in search of offenders. Those caught will suffer vicious punishment. Nobody knows who lives in the castle menacing the… Continue reading My Last Reviews of 2021

Reviews Revue

Sue Barnard, The Missing Years, Heathcliff Inspired Historical Fiction Despised by his beloved Catherine, uneducated Heathcliff goes to Liverpool. There he finds his way to riches and achieves knowledge of the world. In Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff is an almost diabolical enigma. No doubt, he is a tempting subject to analyse in literary form. No doubt,… Continue reading Reviews Revue

Review Segment

Joseph Ferguson, Shillelagh Law Questions of Life and Death. Snakes and Snails and Puppy-dog Tails – growing up agonies   Rock and Roll – a rock-climbing extravaganza                                                                          Incident on a Boring Afternoon – a troubling garage-door                            My Favorite Christmas Tree – teenage pranks                                  Shillelagh Law – an Irish misfit                                                                            Morpheus and the Mayor – politicians and… Continue reading Review Segment

New Reviews

JG MacLeod, Abalone Domestic Violence with a Vengeance Liz is a reticent and shy girl who manages to be a good student regardless of her difficult home life.  James is an older boy with apparent learning difficulties. Possibly, his problems are down to a lack of interest in getting an education as he seems reckless… Continue reading New Reviews

A Good review?

What is a good review? It is helpful. It is fair. It is honest. It isn’t venomous, or destructive. All authors experience negative reviews, and that is all right. We can’t expect to please everybody. Naturally, there are various approaches to reviewing, and that leaves us with a few questions. What is a ‘bad’ assessment?… Continue reading A Good review?

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