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Joseph Ferguson, Shillelagh Law Questions of Life and Death. Snakes and Snails and Puppy-dog Tails – growing up agonies   Rock and Roll – a rock-climbing extravaganza                                                                          Incident on a Boring Afternoon – a troubling garage-door                            My Favorite Christmas Tree – teenage pranks                                  Shillelagh Law – an Irish misfit                                                                            Morpheus and the Mayor – politicians and… Continue reading Review Segment

New Reviews

JG MacLeod, Abalone Domestic Violence with a Vengeance Liz is a reticent and shy girl who manages to be a good student regardless of her difficult home life.  James is an older boy with apparent learning difficulties. Possibly, his problems are down to a lack of interest in getting an education as he seems reckless… Continue reading New Reviews

A Good review?

What is a good review? It is helpful. It is fair. It is honest. It isn’t venomous, or destructive. All authors experience negative reviews, and that is all right. We can’t expect to please everybody. Naturally, there are various approaches to reviewing, and that leaves us with a few questions. What is a ‘bad’ assessment?… Continue reading A Good review?

My First Reviews 2021

SS Bazinet, Dying Takes it out of You A deadly Virus A deathly disease that turns its victims into monsters. Two brothers, single-cell twins that are in a way mirror images of one another. One is a scientist the other an artist. Their names are aptly chosen, Milton and Dory, which name gave me associations… Continue reading My First Reviews 2021

My Last Reviews of 2020

Lesley Eames, The Runaway Women (Silver Ladies) in London A Sweet Diversion Set in the Early Nineteen-Twenties Four young women, Ruth, Jenny, Lydia, and Grace work together in a household in a small town. Their employer is a wealthy woman with a temper to reckon with. As a necklace disappears – stolen – she accuses… Continue reading My Last Reviews of 2020

Reading at Speed Reviews

LC Conn, Carling Coming of Age Can be a Hurtful Process Since the end of the first volume of The One True Child series, the Romans are stationary in Britain. Romans kill Carling’s parents and brother get killed in a raid. On the way to their camp, Carling witnesses the Roman commander killing her grandmother.… Continue reading Reading at Speed Reviews

Spoiler Alert!!!

Have you ever experienced that, after writing a review, somebody shouted spoiler alert? I have, and that made me think. Yes, in that review, I mentioned things that emerge within the story but, in my opinion, it wasn’t the plot that moved the book forward. It was the characters and their inner lives. Honestly, I’ve… Continue reading Spoiler Alert!!!

My Newest Reviews

Suzy Henderson, The Beauty Shop World War II Romance Archie McIndoe, John (Mac) Mackenzie and Stella Charlton are the main protagonists in Suzy Henderson’s WWII novel. The ‘beauty shop’ refers to the Guinea Pig Club and gives its readers a different viewpoint of the horrors happening during the Second World War, presenting the pilots who become… Continue reading My Newest Reviews

About Men-watching Women and Women-Watching Men and Everything In Between

People watch people. There’s nothing new in this, but the trend may have intensified over the last few decades. May I add that I’ve chosen the terms ‘woman’ and ‘man’, ‘hero’ and ‘heroine’ for clarity? With the gender diversification that is an important part of our world, it would be difficult to give everybody his… Continue reading About Men-watching Women and Women-Watching Men and Everything In Between