Category: Drawings

  • Woman, Sewing

    I made this drawing several years ago while living in Copenhagen, in the Composer Quarter. The woman in the picture was a dear friend and colleague. She visited one day, and at that time, my dining room was a former shop. The walls were stark white, and she sat at the dining table. The scene…

  • Demonic Eyes

    When I finished painting Moonlit Mist, I kept seeing a face in it. This has happened more than once, and I’ve always followed my instincts and worked out the faces or bodies, animals, persons, or mythical creatures that I discovered.

  • Serene Tree

    ` Yet another tree – the last of my sketches with poems. Pinetree on the coast The vacant sea Silent Waiting Waiting For a breeze For a sign of life A pinecone drops And silence returns * © HMH, 2023

  • Blossoming Tree

    Here is the second tree from the sketches with attached poems. The poem is obscure, to say the least, but I allowed myself to edit it slightly. Crayons on Paper ` Close by A tree, lost in thought, Longing for Spring. Its dreams Manifest In birds, flowers, and people Dreaming of Commitment ` © HMH,…

  • Solitary Tree

    A few weeks ago, I found three tree sketches with attached poems. I’m not sure when I made them but thought I’d share them here. Crayons on Paper * Solitary but serene The tree fills its space with strong branches Grounded and healthy Only a little moss on the north side As it contemplates the…

  • Tree on a Cliff

    * * © HMH, 2023

  • Spring Landscape

    © HMH, 2022

  • Landscape with House

    © HMH, 2022

  • Waterlily

    *** © HMH, 2022

  •  Pink and Blue Columbines

    © HMH, 2021