Tag: #Poem

  • Woolly Tale

    Softest warmth and cosy comfort Fluffy, hirsute, light as dusters Fills the distaff during hours, Lived and lost but won for welfare. Warp and weft bring amplest texture. Surely gained through timely tenure Fixed to loom with bright inflexion, Wear and tear give sweet protection. * Lambs must offer their safe haven, Bleating sorrowful, disclosed…

  • Heat Wave

    Fierce light dazzles the eye The air shimmers And expands. You struggle to breathe, Sweat trickles down your back, And the soil opens deep cracks. Withered flowers draped On yellow grass Expire Under the merciless Sun ©HMH, 2023

  • Spring Rain

    ` The copper-beach triad stretches thirsty leaves towards the sky As the rain starts dripping Colours awake and shimmer in the hazy air Blades of grass raise on tiptoe to drink liquid life * A girl walks, laughing towards the dripping greyness As clouds gather and empty their burden On the languishing soil * Little…