Tag: #Sketches

  • Winter Scene

    The weather has suddenly turned wintry. Cold and with short snowfalls. That reminded me of another sketch, it would be interesting to work on. It is crude – like most sketches. The idea works and that is enough. What fascinates me about digital painting is the many brushes you can use, and the difference you…

  • Autumn Trees

    This is another digital sketch I haven’t worked on for years. Sometimes you can’t see what is wrong with it, and that was certainly the case this time. It featured a bridge that was out of proportion with the rest of the picture, and I was at my wit’s end to repair it. Today, it…

  • Winter Landscape under the Moon

    I’ve long dabbled in digital artwork and always found it rewarding as well as a distraction. In some ways, it is extremely easy, but it can also engender difficulties that one wouldn’t expect. ` © HMH, 2023

  • Serene Tree

    ` Yet another tree – the last of my sketches with poems. Pinetree on the coast The vacant sea Silent Waiting Waiting For a breeze For a sign of life A pinecone drops And silence returns * © HMH, 2023

  • Solitary Tree

    A few weeks ago, I found three tree sketches with attached poems. I’m not sure when I made them but thought I’d share them here. Crayons on Paper * Solitary but serene The tree fills its space with strong branches Grounded and healthy Only a little moss on the north side As it contemplates the…