My Last Reviews of 2021

Debi Ennis Binder, Summerbird Rises Fairy-Tale with Bold and Strange Creatures Summerbird Asii lives in a village where magic is banned, and it is dangerous to know herb lore. Castle and village guards scour the streets in search of offenders. Those caught will suffer vicious punishment. Nobody knows who lives in the castle menacing the… Continue reading My Last Reviews of 2021

Reviews Revue

Sue Barnard, The Missing Years, Heathcliff Inspired Historical Fiction Despised by his beloved Catherine, uneducated Heathcliff goes to Liverpool. There he finds his way to riches and achieves knowledge of the world. In Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff is an almost diabolical enigma. No doubt, he is a tempting subject to analyse in literary form. No doubt,… Continue reading Reviews Revue


* Pennants flying in the breeze Pastel colours For pantomime dancers Hiding behind peacock tails. Pierrot smiles with his large red mouth And Harlequin kisses Columbine in an old-fashioned garden. * Flowers of grace and Ancient overtones Add mystery to Undertones of Fragrance and finesse * © HMH, 2021

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Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Does a dame need diamonds? Does a lady? Not really. It isn’t carbon or precious stones that determine the merit of a dame or a lady. Yes, it is the inner qualities that count. Does a Dame or a lady need a heart? Obviously. A dame and a lady, both, need the same. They need… Continue reading Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?


* Try to find mistletoe Not for kissing but To take it in oath Such plants are ever reluctant and Bring down the gods. Twilight plant Unwilling and dour But ever sealing our fate. The Norns rub their cold hands And smile as the pale berries Drop poison into Bleeding hearts From London Verses *… Continue reading Mistletoe

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Winter Berries by Lynne Henderson

It has been a great pleasure to follow Lynne’s thoughts about painting and her technique. Here is her last instalment in the series, a beautiful picture of winter berries. Also, I’d like to thank her for her generous contributions. Now I’ll give Lynne the last word to tell us about this acrylic painting. * Eventually,… Continue reading Winter Berries by Lynne Henderson