Life, Time, and Eternity

~ It’s already tomorrow although it is still tonight. This is true only from my point of view because my day isn’t done until it’s time to sleep. That’s the individual viewpoint. Of course, it would be different if my position on the earth was different. It could be this morning and there would be… Continue reading Life, Time, and Eternity

The Box

The box hung on the noticeboard at the back of the classroom. Hilde shuddered inside. It was that awful Gilbert’s idea, but why did their teacher allow it? A complaints’ box. They’d all start ratting on one another. That was what he wanted. What could Hilde do? She chewed the end of her pencil until… Continue reading The Box


* A little room A cage with walls that collapse on you. Your terror and confusion That trembling moment Your voice is breaking Your cries unheard Your dancing heart will still Forever A locked-down phase Unnatural and rushed * Forget-me-not A poor neglected bud Forgotten and lost * Let your fervour Mirror your eyes Strong… Continue reading Phantasm

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Another Batch of Reviews

Lally Brown, The Countess, Napoleon, and St Helena Fact and Fiction Mixed with Memoirs ‘The Countess, Napoleon, and St Helena’ is a strong minestrone. This kind of soup is a good opportunity to get rid of scraps and it can make a delicious dish. The question is if it works in literature. Honestly, I’m not… Continue reading Another Batch of Reviews


* I don’t know your face. I don’t know your name. Yet, while centuries part us You touch my soul. * Stardust and sand Pulse with the echoes Of long forgotten Songs Long forgotten Grief * Why don’t I remember? Why can’t you Illuminate A memory A pulse Beating Beating Slow and Alluring Feeding my… Continue reading Manifestation

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Writing prompts

Do They Work? A while ago, I visited a prompt generator online and, among several incentives, got: The poisoned Rose and The Mysterious Yacht. I’ve forgotten the rest. Couldn’t find anything else that was remotely interesting. It made me wonder if some of these sites are condescending and expect that you’re unable to think for… Continue reading Writing prompts

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