Live and Let Live


Allow free spirits to soar and exult.

Our lives must be lived in a world of tumult.

Remember that strength comes from focus within

Was never procured through an unwholesome grin.

The thing that we love most another one hates,

And so, we find different ways to hell’s gates.

We stumble on Eden in unforeseen places:

Delight comes to those who allow sep’rate paces

But give way for oneness when fate turns the tables.

We live to live life to the fullest of measures,

We have every choice to enjoy boundless pleasures,

So long we accept and uphold one bold principle,

Allowing each other to reach a clear pinnacle:

It truly comes down to this axiom at last,

Humans have choices and dices to cast.

If one and all wish, it is easy to see.

When loving somebody: please set them free.

Being in Love

© HMH, 2024






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