Tag: #Poetry

  • Live and Let Live

    Allow free spirits to soar and exult. Our lives must be lived in a world of tumult. Remember that strength comes from focus within Was never procured through an unwholesome grin. The thing that we love most another one hates, And so, we find different ways to hell’s gates. We stumble on Eden in unforeseen…

  • Helleborus Niger

    Symbol of purity Innocent and Cold Opens white flowers While snow might fall * Causing tears to drop On Frozen earth Sprouting poison But long known to Hippocrates * Giving gifts To the unwary And beauty to The wise ©HMH, 2024

  • Indigo Hour

    Twilit winter snow Reflects the full moon. Naked branches Create lacy gossamer That entwines the air. * The chill air seems soft Now, this magical moment Before the stars awaken. * A lonely house lights up With golden light Falling through the windows * I walk along Dreaming © HMH 2024

  • Christmas Glow?

    Warm and peaceful Sweet and hopeful Dreams abound on certain days. Will they wither? Will they prosper? Is it up to us to say? * Is the Star of Stars a signpost? Will we learn to give or take? * An eternal question drifts In and out Through mind and heart. * Wise men seek…

  • Blue Night

    Black, the trees stretch, dazed, Dreaming of moonlit adventure and sweet breezes The moon looks down. Serene. * No nightbirds sing Siren strains Silence fills the air with untold wonder And leaves the night blank * Blue mist embraces the sky Damping emotions, it stills the aching heart My mind bleeds purple thoughts ©HMH, 2023

  • Little Old Lady

    She smiles toothlessly sweet Each day in her favourite seat. Birdlike bones barely keep her grounded; Thin and spare, she enjoys life, though bounded A hat weighs down her age-old tresses. So, she faces life and her guesses, Equipped for spinning her yarns and expresses. * ‘My canary was a wit! Once only, she flew…

  • October Sky

    On a sunny day Bright and breezy Clouds become wisps, Unable to cloud the sky. * Hopeful, We think it will bring warmth. * Not so. This kind of blue is Icy Withering Chilling us to the bones * It makes us dream, Though spring won’t Come For a command Begging doesn’t help. * Wrap…

  • Woolly Tale

    Softest warmth and cosy comfort Fluffy, hirsute, light as dusters Fills the distaff during hours, Lived and lost but won for welfare. Warp and weft bring amplest texture. Surely gained through timely tenure Fixed to loom with bright inflexion, Wear and tear give sweet protection. * Lambs must offer their safe haven, Bleating sorrowful, disclosed…

  • Moonlit Night

    White, furry friendsTheir eyes enigmatic,Blue and yellow mysteriesFull of spunk andSpectacular senses * Moaning and singing Under the full moon Keeping me awake * Their feline bodies Dance Twisting around one another As they screech their lust Into the night © HMH, 2023

  • Eternal Love

    Stardust veils a memory. Strange and twisted, It haunts my nights. An unknown face An unknown voice And yet, it evokes Half-forgotten eras. * Centuries pass Creations collapse And resurface, Wither away And rise from ashes That glitter like jewels. * Who is this ghost? A lover or an angel? An echo of A long-lost…