HM Poetry

Falling in Love


Blissful state that tumbles kingdoms

Frees the wary from their phantoms

When the naughty boy of misrule

Fires arrows wild and cruel:

Every hit can start rebellions

Bring on unrestrained illusions,

Landscapes razed by fierce accension

Just to gain that sad attention.

Once achieved the game is up

Blindfold lad has drained his cup

Lost his interest, moved askance

Searching for his next big chance

Young or old is no great matter:

One becomes mad as a hatter

Others shrug the arrows off

Grin and bear it, do not scoff.

Everything remains a choice

Nothing, reason to rejoice.

Go the distance if you dare

Sure, the chubby wouldn’t care

Easy come maybe, or go

Love at random: ever so


From Aspects of Attraction



© HMH, 2014

HM Poetry

Musical Birds

Violin drills emerge from the trees

But nobody glimpses a fiddler, a source:

Blackbirds can emulate any one sound

They relish a challenge for fingers or throat.

The robin however, his red breast afire

Sings harmony, filled with enchantment, desire

His voice trills and ululates; he measures invention

Forms pictures of bliss while he waits for his cue

Both birds are such artists of musical skill.

We rarely can match them

Their gift or their flair has style and panache

Primeval and deep, full of beauty and nerve

Their offerings echo in ear and in mind

Give challenge or discord

But mostly delight



© HMH 2013

HM Poetry



It has happened before but can’t happen again

When fairy-tale whirl reaches everyday kin.

Life becomes new as one kisses a frog.

Princes will naturally just feel agog.

Yet infinite wonders can sometimes restore,

What panic of fantasies cannot deplore:

More marvels and miracles vested in fable

Than muses and monsters divest with a sickle.

Ideals and those deeply rooted convictions

Must falter and die through the witches’ predictions.


We simple humans have none but restrictions

To savour the plot first compels predilections.

Mostly the outcome of winning huge prizes

Summarily ends in unwanted surprises.

Phenomenon instantly vary their guises

And force man or woman to grow several sizes.

Surely the answer to such cataclysms

Would give the brave cause to re-enter the prisms

Where light and the colours of life turn and tumble

The point of the matter brings zest to the humble



© HMH, 2014

HM Poetry


In a derelict world,

We need Kindness.

Yet, kindness may not be enough.


Recklessness takes away strength,

Compels us to carry the cost and

Turns us to strife


In a world of strife

We need Patience.


Patience to bear what is raw

Will turn against us

Transform us to fighters

Who savour their rudeness.


In a world of rudeness

We need Grace.


But rudeness can alter a man

To a beast that is stronger

And laughs at our grace

To plunge us into the depth

Of despair.


In a world of despair

We need Hope


Will hope be our saviour

When thoroughly lost?

Or will strength come together and

Bring us across?

©HMH, 2021

HM Poetry



Green lights

An orgiastic future fades

How to grasp when the tension

Between the possible and impossible



A blueish lawn turns frosty

And naked feet will never progress

Along the faded roses.

Futile fears

Turn the city into shadows

Wailing about their loss.


We live in obscurity

Possessed by reckless

Dreams that were

Never meant to succeed.



© HMH, 2021

HM Poetry

Ball playing Mongrel

Flapping ears mark her longing to fly

But the bitch never misses a ball.

Frisbees, sticks, anything will do

She catches high balls or curves

Gleefully straining and running for her life

Jumping higher than any cow, trying for the moon.

Grannies and children beware!

The exuberant buoyancy of this dame

Takes no prisoners:

Greetings mostly end with mongrel and co in a heap on the floor.

Walks become exercises in sounding

And working like an express train

Steam engines can’t hold a candle to

The hard work initiated the moment somebody offers to put her on the line.

Blue-black eyes glitter at the feast of chewing a shoe


In later years, the lady found

Greater pleasure in chewing gum

Scrunched at the nearby garage.

Nobody would have thought she ever could slow down

But age and infirmity took its toll

And one day even this lightning-ball

Decided to take leave.


Doubtless she catches every high-flier

In the happy hunting grounds.

© HMH, 2013

HM Poetry


He said: I’ll miss you too.

He said: we’ll stay in touch.

Weeks passed


She waited unwearyingly, trusting his words.

Once she wrote and every day afterwards

She looked for his non-existent answer.

She puzzled about it but found no reason:

Nothing to solve the riddle

That haunted her waking hours and

Turned to nightmares in the dark.


Remembering how it began, she wondered.

Reluctant or merely confused

He seemed arduous but sweet.


His passion kindled regardless of every misgiving

And so, she relaxed, accepted the marvel.

Snowed under by charming or often silly letters

She dared believing that he loved too.


Their intimacy soared

Lovemaking, tender and passionate

Taught her to feel sheltered and cared for

Until they were almost caught out

(Clandestine affairs never thrive)


At present she still sits on a monument

Smiling at grief



© HMH, 2013

HM Poetry

Sea Picture


Beyond the obscure city’s

Green light and blue grass

Rolls the sea under the night sky.

The beach is empty, though

A boat against the current

Beats on, borne on the waves.

Incoherently, steadfastly, it

Moves into the past.


There the Norns spin their endless yarns,

Waiting for storms to

Upset the world.


We are helpless

When the fates play

And wreck our lives

Under emerald waves.

Pulled under through seaweed,

Churned in the tide,

There is no escape or sanctuary.



© HMH, 2020

HM Poetry

Eternal Friends

Noble pursuits of gracious souls

Perfume the garden where resides

That unattainable courteous devotion

Walled in by ideals or ruled out as unruly.

Minstrels build castles in the air bending the ears of

Exquisite maidens who never age or change;

Box hedges and labyrinths lead the applicants

To bowers of roses where turtle doves nest.


Peacocks flutter their shrill voices and

Cause the construction to tumble and fall

Dreams easily shatter when visions become overblown.

Courtly love was ever under siege:

Every victory left perpetual misery in its wake



© HMH, 2014

HM Poetry

Waterford Crystal

Prism of molten crystal

Red-hot miracle of light, heat, and skill

Fiery inferno throwing sparks and glittering shards

As the cutters scream through to the core or graze the surface

Crafting fabulous shapes and abysmal compositions.

Shapes of distinction meet frozen eagles

Or strange blossoms budding among stars and spangles

Secret visions create chandeliers that sing and glitter,

Wondrous phenomenon of this world or another.

Chalices of light shed colours of every rainbow

Dreams of waterfalls and bright green woods

Saturated with soft luminosity

Steeped in wonder

But hard as steel

Until it shatters

Turning back

To the core

To resurge

Set for renaissance

In ever changing spectres



© HMH, 2013