Monarch Butterfly and Wildflowers by Lynne Henderson

I’m delighted to welcome Lynne Henderson back with another painting – the second in the current series. *** The next painterly progression for me was driven by a need to convey plants in the wild with atmospheric backgrounds and for a little more spontaneity and originality than pure botanical painting. Cue my developmental sideline into… Continue reading Monarch Butterfly and Wildflowers by Lynne Henderson


Inspired by Lynne Henderson’s watercolour Paeonia Officinalis Rustic delight and Japanese grace Combine in a blustery symphony of Colours that abound, from Snowy white and subtle Rose to Magenta and purple on top. * Found in crystal vessels or lodging in gardens. Ponderous and slow But full of mystique and Apt meditation * Duluth, Mme… Continue reading Peony

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Peony by Lynne Henderson

*** I’m pleased to start another series of paintings by a fellow author. I admire Lynne Henderson as an author (writing as Lynne Fisher) and was delighted to find out that she also is a consummate painter. Without further ado, I’ll let Lynne introduce her work. *** Paeonia Officinalis, watercolour on paper, 13 by 17’’… Continue reading Peony by Lynne Henderson

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