Inspired by Lynne Henderson’s watercolour Paeonia Officinalis

Rustic delight and Japanese grace

Combine in a blustery symphony of

Colours that abound, from

Snowy white and subtle Rose to

Magenta and purple on top.


Found in crystal vessels or lodging in gardens.

Ponderous and slow

But full of mystique and

Apt meditation


Duluth, Mme de Verneville, and

Sarah Bernard

Add fragrance to


As feathery leaves waft in

The breeze.

From flower and botanical image collection at


©HMH 2021


  1. One of your more evocative poems! It makes me feel and sense Japan, where I lived long ago for several years, but also Germany. I don’t even remember if that’s a common flower in Germany, but somehow I remember the scent. It’s kind of “old-country-ish” if that makes sense. Like, it’s a very old-fashioned flower! Lovely poems, your flowers are!

  2. I believe that Peonies are loved and planted everywhere in Europe. My parents had some in Denmark and, although I haven’t seen them in German gardens, I’m sure they flourish there as well. By the way, you’re absolutely right about the ‘old-country-ish’ observation. Thank you for your observations and kind words, Debi!

    1. Indeed I have, Debi. I believe there is a Rose painting somewhere on this blog. That is a traditional ‘created’ rose though. I do love wild roses too and have made many photos of them.

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