Reaching Out

  I want to reach out But run my head against a wall I want to give But can only gaze at the stars While the bump on my forehead Grows   From ‘London Verses’   © HMH, 2014

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Golden moments in Danish History

An overview of Danish expansions and reductions At the end of the last glacial period, which was about 11,700 years ago people slowly moved into what we now know as Demark. That doesn’t mean that Denmark emerged as a fully-fledged country: there’s no mention of the Danes until 500 AD. In the 8th – to… Continue reading Golden moments in Danish History

White and Yellow Devil

  Two upright horns, long and tapering Elongate his head The eyes, small and smouldering, Scrutinize passersby as well as his clan But his grin is undeniable, wicked. Climbing trees and jumping fences Are parts of his everyday, although There is more to him than meets the eye. On hind-legs and cloven hoofs he is… Continue reading White and Yellow Devil

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Questions to Ask

I don’t think one can be too cautious in choice of language these days. It is too easy to misunderstand. If somebody constantly pulls Muslims into focus in rants about radicalism and criminality, I find it difficult to see this person as anything but bigoted. It isn’t easy to talk about these issues, but it… Continue reading Questions to Ask


Don’t think you can fail to shatter more than glass if you throw the first stone. Life has an odd way of reflecting actions back to the perpetrator and so Dreams shattered or lives demolished carry their own revenge or redemption: Give only what you’re happy to see coming again and again, haunting you, Driving… Continue reading Trespasses

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Thoughts at the End of the Year

  2017 was the year I decided to publish independently. So far, it is exciting but there’s also much to learn. I must learn to balance social media involvement with writing time. I must learn how to make sales and get reviews, something I never thought of before I published. Looking back, I wonder why… Continue reading Thoughts at the End of the Year

Christmas Thoughts

This morning I listened to Danish Christmas songs. I started to cry. And asked myself why. It wasn’t difficult to figure out, the pure voices stirred up emotions and memories, but the obvious answer didn’t satisfy me. There had to be more to it than that. Over the last days, social media has been filled… Continue reading Christmas Thoughts

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