Don’t think you can fail to shatter more than glass if you throw the first stone.

Life has an odd way of reflecting actions back to the perpetrator and so

Dreams shattered or lives demolished carry their own revenge or redemption:

Give only what you’re happy to see coming again and again, haunting you,

Driving you out of your mind until you’ve learned one lesson:

Don’t worry about the hundreds that will follow.

They all arrive when you least expect or want a reunion with your former self,

Celebrating the righteousness of life in a nut-shell,

And giving you everything back; cementing the simple but eternal laws of

Virtue, morality, rectitude, decency and justice.

Once in a million years each and every life-force will eventually rally,

Getting the better of what wickedness has destroyed.

Humans think too little, or too much, of the ways of fate:

We believe everything is in flux, which is true until that one moment

When the circle closes and the world is made anew


From ‘Aspects of attraction’


©HMH, 2014








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