Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series I

It is striking that accomplished authors often have hidden talents. It can be painting or musical talent, it could be anything to do with artistic endeavour. Some authors produce book covers professionally, and some authors knit or embroider. For my post this week, I’d love to introduce the author Anna Casamento Arrigo, who is a poet and a visual artist. I intend to feature her work in a miniseries, that will be the topic for this and the next two painting posts. Without further ado, I’ll leave her to tell about her art.


Thank you, Hanne for this opportunity!

On July 20th, 2011, I suffered a frontal-parietal stroke. Prior to that, I had taught eighth grade Language Arts to AP classes in an inner-city school. Now, the last side of my body paralyzed and my vestibular system and speech affecting each aspect of my being, I felt lost. Three months after this life-altering event, and recuperating at the Kessler Institute for brain injuries, occupational thereby became part of my recuperative process. This included art. And my new path began. Ever so slowly, I forced my left cadaver hand to action. Additionally, painting became my go-to when my thoughts led me to bouts of rumination. I took the strategies I had learned from my occupational art sessions, invested in a multitude of art media, and set about the, often frustrating task of capturing my feelings, frustrations, and, most specifically, my road to refining myself. My first feeble attempts were just that-feeble but, albeit therapeutic. I found the drop method of painting the easiest for me to manage. I had rediscovered a new sense of self. This is one of the very first works, which I called, ‘Saturn’s Sunrise.’ (It, in an aberrant, and perhaps, way captured a journey of that place lying in full view but also, somehow, untrainable). #strokesurvivor

Regards! Anna


Here is Anna’s painting Saturn’s Sunrise


Here are Anna’s links:


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  1. Hanne, thank you for introducing Anna to me! The painting ‘Saturn’s Sunrise’ is beautiful. The colors are exquisite. I’m looking forward to looking through her books, too. But mostly, thanks for introducing me to her courage! To have such a thing happen and to come back from it so bravely is inspiring.

      1. It’s amazing how many of the people we follow on social media can have such awe-inspiring backgrounds. Anna’s courage and determination to prevent the debilitating condition that befell her from ruining her life is more than praiseworthy. I have seen Anna’s books in many tweets and even the titles convey that same idea of strength and determination to push ever forward when times seem as bad as they could get. Thank you for bringing Anna’s story to us, Hanne, and for displaying her lovely painting.

        1. You’re absolutely right, Millie, the writing community is full of courageous and determined people. I’ve read some of Anna’s poetry and find it excellent. She is such a kind person too — fun as well as helpful and kind to colleagues.

    1. Debi, it is a pleasure. I think Anna is an accomplished painter, and I look forward to sharing her work a few more times over the next weeks.

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