Monarch Butterfly and Wildflowers by Lynne Henderson

I’m delighted to welcome Lynne Henderson back with another painting – the second in the current series. *** The next painterly progression for me was driven by a need to convey plants in the wild with atmospheric backgrounds and for a little more spontaneity and originality than pure botanical painting. Cue my developmental sideline into… Continue reading Monarch Butterfly and Wildflowers by Lynne Henderson


*** Somebody in my household must have had a penchant flower-paintings: my third childhood painting instalment is a lovely rendition of golden chrysanthemums in a vase. This may not have been my parent’s style though, because I found some of the best flower paintings in the attic. This is one of them. The frame is… Continue reading Chrysanthemum

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The second painting from my childhood home is a flower painting. There is no signature, but it doesn’t really matter. This is a beautiful painting that I’ve loved for a long time. It had an accident Many years ago – a boy was playing ball in the corridor where the picture hang – and the… Continue reading Irises

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