Autumnal Seaview

My Sketch

I spent a large part of yesterday on this new painting, using an old sketch (see above) as inspiration.


Acrylics on Cardboard


© HMH, 2021


  1. They’re both beautiful but I prefer the new one, especially the ground under the tree. It looks like you could roll around in it and throw leaves in the air. I just love autumn colors.

  2. So do I. that’s the way it should be too. A sketch is surely only your fantasy of something that could work.
    That is exactly what was on my mind. I too love those colours.

    1. We have an oblong driveway, the only house on the street. Inside the oblong property are some large trees and we’re planting more. I call it our Fairy Circle, after the Faera Circle in my Summerbird books. During the spring, everything comes to life in the Fairy Circle. In summer we’re hidden behind the trees, and during the autumn it’s alive with colors! And then, it all turns into a poor ,naked Circle during the winter. At least until the snow comes, then it’s pretty again.

  3. That sounds enchanting. You’re so lucky to have a garden — and especially one that is big enough to house large trees. By the way, how is your Summerbird faring?

    1. Thank you for asking! I’m working on editing the sequel, “Summerbird’s Quest,” and then sending it to my sister and daughter for beta reading. I can count on my kiddo for being a super critic, she knows it’s what I want. I’ll also be looking for other beta readers, probably through some groups I’m on in FaceBook. Who does your reading for you before you publish? I always ask writer friends that, to see if they have a set group or ask around each time they seek someone. I’m alpha reader for one friend, then beta for when it’s done. I kinda of look on that as an honor, that he trusts me to see his “baby” work, that is, before it’s polished!

  4. Well, I got the first one and it is on my reading list now. Do you know, I had a lot of beta readers on Snares and Delusions — in its first shape. It had another title then, and the comments and critiques helped me to get it some way towards the end result. It was an online group called Authonomy, and a lot of my writing buddies were in that group. Since Authonomy closed, I haven’t had any beta readers. Somehow, the experience with that group spoiled me for any other group. Obviously, here in Germany, you can’t really ask people who barely speak English to be beta readers, so I’ve got into the habit of being my severest critic. Does that make sense? Also, I had a diabolical experience with an editor that clearly didn’t have my best interest in mind.
    I’m happy to hear that you have such a good bunch of readers.

    1. I only have two readers for now. I was going to go trolling for them later. If you need a beta reader, you’ve only to nudge, I’d love to help. I like Word to read my word back to me. I can’t believe how much that helps me hear mistakes, nuances, grammar errors—it’s actually amazing. It took a few tried to get the voice and speed I liked but I love it now.

  5. That is a kind offer, Debi. Thank you. I’ll think about it — having left the circuit for years — it might be a good idea. I tend to read my words out loud myself, especially when in doubt. I’ve used the word voice for poetry and get somewhat distracted through the lack of rhythm. Didn’t know that you can adjust the voice and speed.

    Well, very quickly it became clear that she didn’t like my writing or ideas, I believe it was a matter of the wrong choice of editor. This was somebody who wanted me to change the format of my work rather than anything else. Also, it was somebody who talked down to me and that got up my ire.

  6. The entire process did put me off asking others to edit my work. . .
    After all, several excellent writers do self-edit.

    1. I know only because I had an alpha reader who was very much like an editor, and he could be… unkind. He finally gave up saying I frustrated him too much. Huh? I don’t exactly count it as a loss. 🙂

  7. Sorry for being tardy in answering your comments, Debi. I had no chance to get online yesterday.

    I don’t think that losing that Alpha reader was a loss. The situation I experienced was somewhat similar.

    Yes, I’d be happy to read your six pages, Debi. Why not use the contact form on this site? I think it would be unwise to give out my email here. Still, if you decide to use my blog’s contact form, would you be so kind to add your email? It goes directly to my inbox and then I can send you a ‘normal’ email.

    1. Hi Hanne,
      I used the contact to send you my email address, asking for yours.
      I agree about no loss! For a while, I even thought it was me. But I talked myself out of that, as anyone willing to be critiqued must!

  8. Thank you, Debi, I’ll look for your message.

    That’s it. If you let yourself get bullied out of self-confidence, you can’t continue writing. On the other hand, most of the people who offer critique are sincere. It’s too bad that we have both met one of those odd ones out. . .

    1. I have a feeling we’re both rather thick-skinned. But I’ve seen messages from people who are crushed by thoughtless comments from people who think they’re “critiquing” but are really being unnecessarily cruel and nit-picking. They would have best served everyone by keeping their mouths shut.
      The message I sent you only had my email address in it for now.

  9. I believe that one needs to be tick-skinned in this business. I wasn’t always this stoic, but going through a singing education — you learn to grin and bear it. . .
    Critiquing is a difficult metier. You have to be kind, but sometimes you need to be firm (and perhaps that will be perceived as being cruel) to be helpful. It is a matter of finding a balance. Some people (authors) use it as a way to get back to other authors, and that’s what can’t be tolerated. Those of the last variant should certainly learn to keep their mouth shut.

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