Hogsback, Surrey

This is another Watercolour that disappeared through moving around. I only have a photo of it but may consider turning it into an acrylic painting. To be honest, there were some mistakes in the original that I erased using photoshop. That means this is at best a sketch that will need work to become a new painting.


Watercolour, Digitally Edited


© HMH, 2021







4 responses to “Hogsback, Surrey”

  1. Debi Ennis Binder avatar

    That is adorable! It definitely deserves to be worked in acrylics

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      Debi, you always encourage me! Thank you. 😍
      I’ll do that but I’ve just prepared some boards for a series of trees. I’ll post and let you know when I’ve done the Hogsback. . .

      1. Debi+Ennis+Binder avatar

        Hanne, that’s what friends do! Especially when I see that darling little dragon face–it’s so smirky I could just kiss it! I haven’t painted in oils for years because I’ve mostly focused on my writing. But when I did paint, it was strictly landscapes. I tried to paint a cat once and my family gently, lovingly pointed me back in the direction of landscapes. Most people don’t realize how hard it is to capture an expression in a painting or drawing and convey it to the eyes of observers! Your dragon–you got it!

        1. Hanne H avatar
          Hanne H

          Oh, Debi. You are right and you’re too kind too. It is wonderful that you focused on your writing. Your skills in bringing a scene to life come out — including the facial expressions. . .
          I wonder if you would like to share one of your paintings? Landscapes of course? (To please your family)
          Thank you — again.

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