Luce and Oscurito

They met at daybreak. Oscurito let his dark fingers run through her blonde locks, but Luce freed herself.

‘Don’t come too close.’

‘Cautious. As always.’  Oscurito nodded. ‘My dear, you can trust me.’

He moved in and placed a kiss on her brow. Then he bowed and left. Luce sighed as she followed his retreating form with her eyes. Why wouldn’t he understand that there could be nothing between them? He had his domain, and she had hers. They only met by sunrise and by sunset. This was as it should be. They were part of a whole.

There wasn’t time to ponder his actions. Luce had a full day’s work to handle. It was beautiful and satisfying. At the end of the day when twilight fell, she was ready to rest.

She saw Oscurito, as she reached the border. He was waiting, his long body draped leisurely on the brink.

‘There you are, my beautiful. Did you think about me today? Didn’t you long to see me? I think about you every moment we’re apart.’

Luce lowered her eyes and hastened past Oscurito.

‘Wait? Don’t go yet. Don’t you get lonely?’

She’d already disappeared behind the clouds. He shrugged. There was time. Aeons. One day she’d come to him. Darkness fell and Oscurito spent the night watching the stars. Lying on the soft ground, he felt like dancing among them. He stretched out his arms and took flight in the night.

The first glimmer of dawn woke him. Surely, this time. This time Luce would linger with him and brighten his time.

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2 responses to “Luce and Oscurito”

  1. Lucinda E Clarke avatar
    Lucinda E Clarke

    Took me a while but I got there in the end!

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      I’m happy to hear that!

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