A little room

A cage with walls that collapse on you.

Your terror and confusion

That trembling moment

Your voice is breaking

Your cries unheard

Your dancing heart will still


A locked-down phase

Unnatural and rushed



A poor neglected bud

Forgotten and lost


Let your fervour

Mirror your eyes

Strong and full of glory

Wake up

Don’t be absorbed

In a nightmare

That will never Last


The bell will toll

The sun will

Brighten days of beauty

And restore your spirit



© HMH, 2022


    1. I can imagine that, Debi.
      I’m not sure where the inspiration for this came. It was one of those poems that more or less wrote themselves.

      1. Oh no, Hanne, you wrote it! It has your touch, your use of imagery and words that blend together to paint a picture. For me at least, your poetry is becoming recognizable. I really enjoy it.

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