Autumnal Reverie


Sweetly fragrant, white roses

Defy the twilit afternoon.

Beautyberries set purple accents

Though their leaves have gone to ground.

Firethorn and autumnal trees sparkle

Orange, red, and Golden

Along bent, narrow streets


A lost seagull pines for succour

That won’t come.

Survive at your peril.

A challenge for every bird

Every creature:

To live or die

As nature decides


Life is a circle

Where nothing is lost

While nature is ruling.

Upend it, and

The outcome

Will be grave



©HMH, 2022







4 responses to “Autumnal Reverie”

  1. Debi Ennis Binder avatar

    So beautiful, Hanne! The last stanza especially gave me goosebumps! And like your poem to go from beauty to fright so quickly–that is nature, abused,

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      I’m so glad you liked my poem. Yes, it isn’t easy to come to terms with the way nature works. May it be a reminder . . . we could be next.

      1. Debi Ennis Binder avatar

        If you will accept it, I’d like to send you an ARC of “Summerbird’s Quest” when I get it together, hopefully in the next few weeks. I offer it because her existence eventually becomes so entwined with Nature that the forests and animals give her the means to save her realm. Your poem could describe the last chapters of the book.

        1. Hanne H avatar
          Hanne H

          I’m intrigued!

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