Where is Humanity Going?


Looking at the world today is a chilling affair. Sure, wars are always happening around the world, but in the Western ecosphere, it has merely been cold. At present, it is only too likely that it might heat up. That could become lethal in so many ways.

We could face a citizens’ war in the US, something that becomes more likely day by day. The British insularity hasn’t helped anybody either. Arab or Islamite fanaticism reaps mischief, and Russia still threatens nuclear war.

All this could become a boiling cauldron of hate and – ultimately – war.

My hope is that things will calm down before it comes to this, and there are too many hot spots that could escalate out of control. The stakes are high.

There is an exceeding number of warnings that democracy could get an irreparable broadside, should things go too far. What a mess.

Our planet is not a pleasant address at present. Will it return to a less frantic state? We barely survived the latest pandemic. Look at the constant bickering among politicians. The world partakes in an explosive situation that needs diffusing. Preferably before WWIII breaks out.

Rudolf Steiner predicted WWIII – as a conflict between Islam and the West. He also predicted that Islam would win. At present, it looks more likely to be a conflict between Russia and the Western territory. No matter what, we could be forced to tackle severe scenarios.

Could it be that humans don’t deserve to survive with all the damage we’ve already caused? Think about it – in the sixties, there were several warning voices, calling for action against pollution and greed. Our greed has grown since then, and so has the pollution.

When will profiteers realise that when the last fish has been caught and the last wood burned, when the last grain has been consumed – they won’t be able to eat money?

Is this a prospect we can accept? No. Still, we might undergo a nuclear apocalypse before we come to an understanding of our mistakes.


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2 responses to “Where is Humanity Going?”

  1. Debi Ennis Binder avatar

    Why does the truth momentarily terrify, then get pushed aside because it’s too scary, or the author is some sort of fanatic? It’s the simple truth, people. I wish the world could slow down and take a good look around at the mess we’ve caused. Sometimes I think the only thing that will help is a dose of “Childhood’s End”

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      It is daunting, isn’t it? Somehow, we humans prefer to do as the ostrich, in the hope that things will rectify themselves. I suppose we need fanatics to give an all-consuming wake-up call.

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