What Will Happen Next?

* First came the pandemic and now Ukraine is at war against invading Russians. It hurts to think about it, but such thoughts are also unavoidable. It is bad enough that we have a rampant maniac sitting in Kremlin, ordering Russia’s military to invade an independent country, but that isn’t all. These last years have… Continue reading What Will Happen Next?

Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Does a dame need diamonds? Does a lady? Not really. It isn’t carbon or precious stones that determine the merit of a dame or a lady. Yes, it is the inner qualities that count. Does a Dame or a lady need a heart? Obviously. A dame and a lady, both, need the same. They need… Continue reading Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Delight in Imperfections?

The good thing about working intensively on a group of songs, and then let them rest while going through others – and repeat until reaching the end – followed by another round, is that the songs that rest don’t. There is always something brewing – even in the songs that don’t get worked on at… Continue reading Delight in Imperfections?

Food for Thought

The sun visited for a few minutes yesterday. Today it has been snowing. Apparently, the polar vortex bears part of the guilt for the extreme conditions this winter. It might be colder tomorrow. The weather keeps see-sawing, and that may not change for the foreseeable future. It may get warmer for a couple of days,… Continue reading Food for Thought

Collective Living: A Utopia?

Does twosome bliss exist? Some people claim that it exists, but there’s little evidence of it. Most individuals seem to go along with less than ideal conditions. Ask Graham Greene, he dissects so-called happy marriages in The End of the Affair in the most appalling manner. He cuts deep, but there’s no doubt about his… Continue reading Collective Living: A Utopia?

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