An Absurd World?

Berlin Wall

On the third of October, it was the German reunion day. The day the Berlin Wall fell is still celebrated here. Don’t know if that reunion helped though. There seem to be many crosscurrents between East and West. It doesn’t affect me either way. I’ve no idea why they can’t just be Germans and work together. Otherwise, there was little point in getting back together. Was it a stupid idea to divide the country in the first place? Probably.

Don’t forget, people will fight no matter what. Look at the world today. More unrest every day. More potential wars, apart from the ongoing ones. Will the US get a dictator, or will they descend into a civil war? Will Putin escalate his conquest mania? Nobody knows. Will China or Korea go to war? Is WWIII pending?

Thinking about the world’s history, it isn’t the best time to be alive. The world is aching and creaking at the seams. Maybe it was always like this. More or less. Humans need little reason to go to war, it seems.

Come to think of it, many earn big money on wars. Weapon manufacturers for one. Professional soldiers too. Those that are for hire certainly do. Somebody said that owning anything is theft. Let me think about that. What about countries and their borders? Humans want to move freely and boast about their free will. At the same time, they swear by their countries, unless they need to flee them for some reason.

Food for thought. If you ‘own’ a piece of land and put up a fence around it, is that wrong? Maybe it is. When you create borders, set up checkpoints, and use barbed wire you take away people’s freedom You could argue that putting up a fence does the same thing. On a smaller scale.

Paper Money

We aren’t clever enough to invent a money-free world. It seems that sharing doesn’t appeal to that many people. Even siblings have difficulties in that respect. Why is that? Could it have something to do with being separate? We have our bodies and brains and thoughts and ideas. Maybe that’s why we can’t get our heads around sharing. What a thought.

To deal with that, and to make exchange of value simple, we’ve invented money. Pieces of paper with a number on them. Yes, the security measures are high and so is the symbol value. Still, it is just a piece of paper. Sometimes with pretty colours and pictures. Sometimes they’re plain and ugly. Yes, we have coins too, but all of that will be digitalised soon enough. Then we will have apps with numbers on them. I’m rambling. Is this world absurd or what?

War — Inferno

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2 responses to “An Absurd World?”

  1. Anna avatar

    Powerful points, Hanne!! It appears, to me, that our world is devolving. Sigh.

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      Thank you, Anna! I’m afraid you’re right about that. I’m also sighing.

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