Girl with Picture Hat

Girl With Picture Hat (digital painting)

Some weeks ago, I posted a digital painting of a yellow rose. In a comment to it, I mentioned that I could see a girl in the picture. As it appeared that it wasn’t obvious to anybody but me, I decided to work on enhancing her face.

Yes, she turns away from the viewer and only appears in half profile.

Yellow Rose (digital painting)

The pleasure of working with digital art is that your options are infinite. If you see something in an otherwise respectable painting, it is possible to keep both versions and so create several versions without losing the original. It gives scope for endless variations – and plenty of challenges.

It seemed a good idea to add the rose picture to this post – to enable comparison.

Girl with Picture Hat (Repeated)

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2 responses to “Girl with Picture Hat”

  1. Anna Casamento Arrigo avatar
    Anna Casamento Arrigo

    I did see it in the first image. Well done!

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      That doesn’t surprise me. You have a keen eye.
      Thank you!

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