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  • Woolly Tale

    Softest warmth and cosy comfort Fluffy, hirsute, light as dusters Fills the distaff during hours, Lived and lost but won for welfare. Warp and weft bring amplest texture. Surely gained through timely tenure Fixed to loom with bright inflexion, Wear and tear give sweet protection. * Lambs must offer their safe haven, Bleating sorrowful, disclosed…

  • Demonic Eyes

    When I finished painting Moonlit Mist, I kept seeing a face in it. This has happened more than once, and I’ve always followed my instincts and worked out the faces or bodies, animals, persons, or mythical creatures that I discovered.

  • Where is Humanity Going?

    Looking at the world today is a chilling affair. Sure, wars are always happening around the world, but in the Western ecosphere, it has merely been cold. At present, it is only too likely that it might heat up. That could become lethal in so many ways. We could face a citizens’ war in the…

  • Moonlit Night

    White, furry friendsTheir eyes enigmatic,Blue and yellow mysteriesFull of spunk andSpectacular senses * Moaning and singing Under the full moon Keeping me awake * Their feline bodies Dance Twisting around one another As they screech their lust Into the night © HMH, 2023

  • Scylla and Charybdis

    ` Here is another digital artwork I’ve worked on lately. After finishing it, it occurred to me that Homer’s Sea Monsters could look like this. The brooding atmosphere certainly indicates danger. Which would seem the lesser of two evils? I’m not certain. No doubt, sailing through that gap might catch you between a rock and…

  • Time for New Reviews

    * Martin J Best, Ghost Hunter: I A Matter of Faith Dealing with Fragile Souls and Demons Malachi Hunter, landscape gardener, ghost hunter, and painfully shy, must learn to deal with his tumultuous life. Teena Maunder has a teenage daughter and a lot on her plate, but it gets overwhelming when the supernatural invades her…

  • Eternal Love

    Stardust veils a memory. Strange and twisted, It haunts my nights. An unknown face An unknown voice And yet, it evokes Half-forgotten eras. * Centuries pass Creations collapse And resurface, Wither away And rise from ashes That glitter like jewels. * Who is this ghost? A lover or an angel? An echo of A long-lost…

  • Winter Landscape under the Moon

    I’ve long dabbled in digital artwork and always found it rewarding as well as a distraction. In some ways, it is extremely easy, but it can also engender difficulties that one wouldn’t expect. ` © HMH, 2023

  • Can Humanity Survive Without the Arts?

    Have you ever wondered? In an artist’s life, no matter which forms it takes, this question easily opens a can of worms. We have all been there. Discovering a flaw in our work and needing to solve it can cause despair. For a writer, it can be inane expressions or lame words. Worse if the…

  • Heat Wave

    Fierce light dazzles the eye The air shimmers And expands. You struggle to breathe, Sweat trickles down your back, And the soil opens deep cracks. Withered flowers draped On yellow grass Expire Under the merciless Sun ©HMH, 2023